Date:  07/24/2007 07:02:04 PM Msg ID:  003466
From:  cbjr Thread:  003462
Subject:  Re: POST error
This may not be related to FoxWeb but I'm hoping someone ran into this.  I want to use VS2005 to create my web pages.  I'm trying something as simple as creating a web form with a textbox and button.  When the button is clicked, the .fwx should execute and retrieve what was entered in the textbox.  When the button is clicked, that's when I get the error.  
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 07/24/2007 06:28:57 PM:
Is this related to FoxWeb?  How exactly are you using VS2005 and what are you calling?
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Sent by cbjr on 07/19/2007 06:08:13 AM:
When using VS2005, I get an error "HTTP verb POST used to access not allowed."
I've made sure IIS allows the POST verb.  Anyone know how to get around this?