Date:  09/26/2007 01:45:39 PM Msg ID:  003521
From:  George Gambill Thread:  003521
Subject:  Updating VFP data with FoxWeb

We have an .fwx (fashioned from your NameSearch.fwx) that creates a one record cursor (results) with member information (name, phone, etc.). 

Now we want to present that information on web page allowing changes.


Question 1:How can we use the name tag to present the information from the cursor?


            <p>Name: <Input type="text" name = "Name" /> </p>


Question 2: How do we update the origional VFP table?  ie:



sele 0

            use member

            locate (or better yet seek)

            repl with ????



Question 3: How can we pass the information from this page to another page in another window (seems easier to keep simple)?


Question 4: Is there a better way to do this?