Date:  10/19/2007 06:40:04 PM Msg ID:  003533
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003531
Subject:  Re: VFP Code Ignored

This is the same problem that you had last month.  Here's an excerpt from our previous response:

You can’t just place your scripts just anywhere and call them with the full path.  All FoxWeb scripts MUST be located in the FoxWeb Program Root and its sub-folders.  Also, you can’t simply type regular Windows paths in your browser, because in this case the browser simply opens the file directly, without going through IIS and FoxWeb.  This the reason why the code between the <% and %> tags is displayed in the browser window, instead of getting executed.  URLs must start with http://, as described in the documentation.

I suggest that you take a step back and make sure that everything is set up and working properly:

Make sure the IIS is functional:
In order to make sure that IIS is functional, you must first be able to open a browser on the server and get a result with the URL

Make sure that FoxWeb is started:
Follow the instructions in the Setup and First Steps page of the FoxWeb documentation.  For now don’t configure FoxWeb to run as a service.  Once you start it (either from the FoxWeb icon in the Start menu, or from the Start FoxWeb button in the FoxWeb Control Center), you should be able to see a FoxWeb icon in the notification (tray) area in the lower right part of your screen.  If you double-click on that icon, you should see a status window, listing one, or more active channels.  If you don’t see this, then FoxWeb is not started.

Make sure that FoxWeb and IIS are configured to work together:
Again, follow the instructions in the Setup and First Steps page to call fw_admin.fwx, as well as the sample scripts.  Verify that you can call the samples that come with FoxWeb, before running any other scripts.

FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by George Gambill on 10/19/2007 07:59:00 AM:
For some reason FowWeb has started ignoring all VFP code.

Dosen't complain, just ignores it.  All HTML works fine.

Running VFP 8, FoxWeb 3.51 unregistered 

Experation Date is 11/04/2007 per the configuration screen.

The code works on Lews registered 3.51.

FYI, I had installed both 4 and 3.51 in different directories (at the same time)which proved to be unwise.  Per your instructions, I removed both versions and installed 3.51 to the defaule directories.

Could it be that the experation date from the first 3.51 install is getting me?

If not, then what?