Date:  11/02/2007 04:24:35 PM Msg ID:  003568
From:  jfr Thread:  003568
Subject:  modifying a form field
 I must be missing something very basic, but I can't figure out how to set a form field's value from within FoxWeb code. The following shows my miserable attempts. 
<FORM ACTION="sum.fwx" METHOD="post">
<INPUT NAME="num1" VALUE="<%=Request.Form("num1")%>">+
<INPUT NAME="num2" VALUE="<%=Request.Form("num2")%>">=
<INPUT NAME="sum"  VALUE="<%=Request.Form("sum")%>"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Add">
IF Request.Form("num1") == "" OR Request.Form("num2") == ""
    sum = ""
    val1 = VAL(Request.Form("num1"))
    val2 = VAL(Request.Form("num2"))
    sum = STR(val1 + val2)
Request.Form("sum") = sum
*Response.AddHeader("sum",sum) && doesn't work either