Date:  12/11/2007 03:49:00 PM Msg ID:  003621
From:  jfr Thread:  003579
Subject:  Re: session cursor?
 I like the idea of using a single table, but how can I clear out records for expired sessions?
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As you guessed, you can't use cursors, because your data will not be available to other channels, or (under normal circumstances) even the same channel for subsequent requests.  However, you could use tables, because they are written to disk.  You could create separate tables for each user and keep the table name in a session variable, but this is not as clean as creating a single table and adding records to it, keyed on each user's session id.
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Sent by jfr on 11/13/2007 10:34:10 AM:

I am investigating the feasibility of converting my desktop VFP application to a web app. The single-user desktop app uses tables (or cursors) to maintain state information. From what I can see, it isn’t possible to use this technique with Foxweb. That is, there’s no way to create a separate cursor for each session. Nor could I create a single cursor that would contain the information for all sessions, because each channel is a separate instance of VFP.

Instead, I would have to keep the information in an array and store the array in the Session object. Could you confirm whether my understanding is correct?