Date:  12/15/2007 06:46:11 AM Msg ID:  003627
From:  Franklin Stalin Garzón An Thread:  003611
Subject:  Re: Install FoxWeb over vista
I was intalled but this not fixed the error. thanks.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/03/2007 12:28:51 AM:
A quick web-search yielded postings that suggested that installing Windows Script version 5.6 is the fix for 2738 errors during setup for other products, such as Palm Desktop and SnagIt.  Please try this and post whether it works for you.
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Sent by Franklin Stalin Garzón An on 12/02/2007 05:44:58 AM:
When I install over vista ultimate the setup of foxweb is chased with the message: Internal error 2738.