Date:  12/24/2007 10:28:25 AM Msg ID:  003645
From:  Gabriel Badea Thread:  003598
Subject:  Re: other products
Sorry, I meant I've been using foxweb since version 1 not 4.

Macromedia has posted configuration instructions on their website and in the DW helpfile.

To configure Dreamweaver for fwx files you have to modify the MMDocumentTypes.xml in the Configuration directory.  I wanted to treat fwx files as ASP files, like so:

<documenttype id="ASP-VB" servermodel="ASP VBScript" internaltype="Dynamic" winfileextension="asp,fwx" macfileextension="asp,fwx" file="Default_vb.asp" writebyteordermark="false">

Hope this helps...
Sent by Gabriel Badea on 12/22/2007 09:56:38 AM:
I use dreamweaver 8.  It's simlpy amazing after you configure it correctly. 

You have code and design views, syntax coloring, and if it wasn't for the language you'd swear you were writing ASP apps. 

To tell you the truth, the template feature of dreamweaver has helped a lot with sitewide changes... but now there's Microsoft Expression Web which has all of these features also, not to mention Visual Studio also (heavy though if yu're only going to use it for fwx and web related files)

I've never used WestWind or AFP so I can't compare, but I've been using Foxweb since version 4 and it never let me down + the support is great.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/04/2007 03:38:27 PM:
Some users have used Microsoft FrontPage, while others have used Dreamweaver.  From what I remember they had to do some simple configuration, but I'm fuzzy on the details.  I just searched this forum and found some information on this subject.

I personally like to use regular text editors that offer syntax highlighting.  My favorite one is TextPad, for which we have created a syntax highlighting profile.
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