Date:  01/15/2008 07:51:20 AM Msg ID:  003658
From:  Jeff Grippe Thread:  003658
Subject:  File Access Denied
Hello and thanks in advance for the help.
The most common error in my error log is "File Access Denied" and I can't determine why it is happening.
My application uses a table whose name I store in a Session Variable called ReqTable.
It is the only table that any session opens EXCLUSIVELY.
Each session gets its own unique ReqTable. 
My understanding is that each FWX must open whatever tables are going to be needed for that operation so the top of each FWX looks like
ReqTable = session.getvar("ReqTable") 
use &ReqTable alias ReqTable in 0
use Debtor order debt_code in 0 share
*** open any other tables needed with shared access
Most of the time everything works fine but quite often, I'm seeing "File Access Denied" in my error log and it is always when trying to open the ReqTable (for exclusive access).
No two sessions can have the same ReqTable. The file name itself is "CR" + a six digit number which is stored in a table and incremented each time there is a new session.
Does anyone have any ideas about why this might be happening and how I should trap it or prevent it?