Date:  01/25/2008 02:11:27 PM Msg ID:  003667
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003666
Subject:  Re: Script bombs fw channel until compiled
My guess is that the program file that needs to be re-compiled contains definitions for an object that is resident in an active channel.  In order to re-compile such files, you will either need to re-start all your channels, or make sure that you release all objects AND classes defined in them.  Some users add RELEASE ObjectVariable and CLEAR CLASS ClassName commands in fw_exit.prg for this purpose.

You may also need to issue a RELEASE PROCEDURE FileName command for each program that you SET PROCEDURE to.
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Sent by Jim on 01/25/2008 01:51:15 PM:
Ok, this one has me stumped.

I have a script that, when compliled by foxweb/foxpro, works just fine.  When I make a change that requires a recompile, the channel becomes busy, the normally invisible instance of Foxpro becomes visible and complains of "too few arguments" (but is otherwise blank - no lines of code to look at).  In time, the script times out and foxweb shuts down the otherwise stalled foxpro instance and re-launches it.  It doesn't seem to matter how insignificant a change I make, including just adding a comment.  The pattern of behavior is the same.  This error also doesn't get recorded in the foxweb error table.  It's not really a show-stopper since the runtime server only will have the compiled modules anyway, but it's still strange.

The script also performs just fine in foxpro no matter what changes I make.

The particulars: I am using a custom class (found here: to create a dos session.  I do this to overcome the limitations of the RUN command.  (And for the curious, I'm dropping to a dos prompt to feed server-side data to ASpell which - aside from this quirky error - is far and away faster than the typical MS Word Object spelling check approach.)

LOCAL aspell 
aspell = NewOBJECT("msdos","aspell.fxp")

RELEASE aspell


*As the class is under someone else's copyright, I can't post it here, regrettably

Does it have to do with the fact that before the script is compiled, the 'msdos' class is unknown?  Just guessing at this point. 


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