Date:  02/01/2008 07:14:07 AM Msg ID:  003673
From:  Michael Emmons Thread:  003673
Subject:  CGI to ISAPI assistance
We are currently running FoxWeb 3.51 on 2003 Windows servers using CGI. We have nine channels running and, at times, have all channels busy with pending requests. I know that I can increase the channels, but first, I would like to explore the ISAPI route to optimize our current setup. I was not present when FoxWeb was first implemented, but I'm slowly getting up to speed by reviewing the documentation and browsing this forum. I would also like to note that we upgraded from FoxWeb 1.29 (I believe) to 3.51.
I've been searching this forum and have noticed that it is recommended to use ISAPI instead of CGI. I'm convinced of this and want to eventually change it.
We all know that running tests in a testing environment never duplicates a production environment, so I would like to ask if there are any issues that we might run into (be aware of) when we change from CGI to ISAPI using our current programs. I don't know if FoxWeb supports calls that are specific to CGI and would fail using ISAPI. 
Please excuse my ignorance, but by experimenting, reading and asking questions is the only way I will learn.