Date:  04/24/2008 05:19:35 PM Msg ID:  003731
From:  George Gambill Thread:  003726
Subject:  Re: No Channel active regularly appear
Having the same problem with a new 2003 server except is 'always' returns "No channel active".  Every thing seems to be the same as the development box running XP except:
The 2003 server has no VFP9 development package loaded, only the runtime.

We installed FoxWeb in c:\Program Files\foxweb4.

We changed (simplified) the directory tree on the server. 

Further, both systems are running IIS.  Also, we do have two licenses for FoxWeb 4, one for the development box and one for the Production (Server 2003) box.

Not finding a fwstart.log.

Sent by jipi972 on 04/07/2008 12:04:54 AM:
We have a problem since a few month :

Regularly, Foxweb return "No channel active" when we try to call Foxweb scripts. This morning is the last time we encountered this pb. At the beginning, I have thought about an error in our script, but now I doubt.

We have :

- no error in Errors.dbf
- no restart or kill channel in fwstart.log

And this message happen especially at the beginning of the day, and after, it happen rarely in the day.

I have verified and sometimes disabled all the scripts called in IIS log which where called at the same time, but nothing seems wrong.

We use Foxweb 3.1, running as service with VFP6 dll.
Foxweb is configured with 4 channels with Buffer mem. size of 750 (MB). 
The server is an Intel XEON 2 Ghz with 4 Go of RAM.

Can you help us to find the pb. I have no more ideas.