Date:  05/12/2008 03:01:12 AM Msg ID:  003737
From:  jc clerc Thread:  003737
Subject:  session object access from php/asp
Can I allow access to the foxweb session objects auth.userid, Session.GetSessionID() or session.getvar("dateopen") ... to an application done in PHP or ASP.
What I do today is send the sessionid into a hidden form or directly into the hyperlink. In the mean time I save all the session datas into a temporary sql cursor so this allow to path thru datas from one language to another. On the other language side they do exactly the same so I get it back in Foxweb recreating my session objects. It works fine but it is a little heavy to program.
This question is due to the fact that I work with programmers using other plateform on the same server so it would be 100% times easier to access directly calling the session objects in a common way.
I have tried to open the _fwsession.dbf table but it is hard to read datas.
"Thanks for Foxweb-VFP it is a great solution" 
(When I see the time it takes for the others to create a clean application with a report in PDF !!!).