Date:  09/11/2008 10:42:08 AM Msg ID:  003783
From:  Jet Li Thread:  003783
Subject:  What is the program causing this error ?

I just upgrade to Foxweb 4.0 (under vfp9)

I have a problem with one of my program.
By reading this forum,  I try to change my services to run foxweb in taskbar to see what's appen.

I now know it's a vfp system windows asking me to locate a DBF file but I don't know wish program asking me this?
I will like to correct the error ... but can't locate it?

- Not error in the [error log] tab of foxweb.
- No log in the foxweb folder

How can I know the program name/line causing this error ?
Any log when FoxWeb closing a channel ???
Thanks for your responce