Date:  10/01/2008 01:14:08 PM Msg ID:  003809
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003617
Subject:  Re: \"The directory name is invalid\"
After some additional troubleshooting, the user has found the cause of this problem. As it turns out, this particular web server does not allow anonymous browsing of FoxWeb scripts, but rather is configured to require authentication. This causes FoxWeb's ISAPI/CGI modules to run as the calling user, instead of the anonymous user (IUSR_<MachineName>. At least some calling users did not have access to FoxWeb's temp folder, which caused the following error:
FoxWeb Message
The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:
The directory name is invalid. C:\...\TempFiles\
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/06/2007 05:20:56 PM:
I can’t think of a reason why the server would be acting differently for different users.  Could it simply be caused by different usage patterns?  Did you see these users reproduce the problem and, if yes, did they do the exact same clicks as you?
Also, I looked at the standard VFP error messages and could not find one with the text “The directory name is invalid.”  Is this the exact text of the error?  Is there any additional information in the FoxWeb Error Log?  If you are using FoxWeb 3 and above, you should be able to export the error entry from the Error Log page of the fwAdmin script.  Please send the exported error information to
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Valter herman on 12/06/2007 03:08:54 PM:
Just recently two users of our web application started experiencing an error only in a certain part of the application.  Foxweb would return the following:
"The directory name is invalid. d:\Program Files\FoxWeb\TempFiles\"
Foxweb is running as a service on the hosting machine (Windows 2003 Server) and the service is running as a user with full read/write access to this directory.  When I run the same web pages I do not experience the error.  I realize that my specific user rights have nothing to do with the service yet it seems like the difference is the user which is requesting the web page.
Any thoughts?