Date:  10/22/2008 10:07:11 AM Msg ID:  003824
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  003822
Subject:  Re: Creating an FWX that accepts XML
Thank you for your quick reponse.

I am still lost.

can you give me a sample script if you can.

*********** would that do the trick?

     <form name='xml' method='POST' action='xml.fwx'>
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/21/2008 08:48:35 PM:
You can retrieve the complete POST data with the Request.Form() method with no arguments.
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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 10/21/2008 02:11:32 PM:
Hi everyone,
Has anyone done this before?

I need to create an FWX script that another company (Machine to Machine) can do an HTTP Post to my link and "post" an XML file, which later i can read and disect.

I don't know where to begin.