Date:  11/13/2008 12:50:13 PM Msg ID:  003837
From:  David Hempy Thread:  003837
Subject:  Data Execution Protection?
Has anyone seen a Windows "Data Execution Protection" dialogue box on their server?  It says it stopped VFP 9.0 to prevent damage to my computer.  This is new behavior, I suspect after recently applying Windows Server 2003 SP2.
I cancelled the warning, and it reappeared several times.  I restarted FoxWeb, and the error has not reappeared.  If it does appears again, my sysadmin said to grant VFP an exemption.  So far, it has not reappeared.
From what little I know about DEP, it wouldn't surprise me that FoxWeb might trigger a false positive, since it's whole job is pretty much to execute code from data...templates, programs, possibly even from database content.
FWIW, this server is an internal development server, so it is very unlikely that malicious hits from the outside were hitting it. 
Anyone else seeing this?  Is it anything to worry about? 
David Hempy
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Kentucky Educational Television
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