Date:  12/04/2008 05:56:59 AM Msg ID:  003861
From:  Jerry Mattox Thread:  003861
Subject:  Getting all four channels running.
Foxweber’s I am brand new to foxweb, and am having really good success. I have used another method to access foxpro data across the web in the past, and foxweb really works much better. Over the next few weeks I hope to burden this forum with my questions. Here is my first question for Foxweb support, or whoever has similar issues.

I am using windows server 2003, iis6, vfp6, and the latest version of foxweb. I am attempting to use 4 channels, and I do not have the use foxpro DLL’s checked. My task manager shows 4 vfp6.exe’s running. When I reboot my server, foxweb does not restart all 4 channels everytime. It might start 2 or 3, but not all 4. In order for me to get all 4 running, I have to end the vfp6.exe processes in the task manager one at a time until foxweb will restart each channel. This usually takes me several to many tries to get all four channels running. Once running they run smooth all day, unless I do something dumb and kill the channel. Oh yeah, this seems to be related to running foxweb as a service as I am. Loading as desktop seems fine. Please advise.


Jerry Mattox
Genesis Consulting.