Date:  12/04/2008 06:12:30 AM Msg ID:  003862
From:  Jerry Mattox Thread:  003862
Subject:  On Error in my programs.
Here is a simple one.

IN the past I have written foxpro compiled exes to run on the webservers. This has nothing to do with foxweb. However in my code I always placed an ON ERROR RETURN in the code, so if an error occured the program would just exit & not hang the server for any reason.

I have now migrated this code to foxweb, and I am very happy with how easy it was for me to do. The routines I am refering to in this message do not have any output to the browser. They just grind data, and produce database tables as the result.

Can I now remove the ON ERROR RETURN from my code, and turn over the error checking to foxweb with out worry of hanging up the server. I tested this, and when I do get an error foxweb logs it, and seems to move on fine.

The only real error I get is when I try to delete a file that still might be in use. I have a routine that cleans up a temp folder, and it is possible that it might fail. ON ERROR RETURN system stops the program, and we run it again later. No harm. I like seeing the error though in the foxweb log, jso I can see how often it happens.

What if I did somthing stupid like a REPLACE on a table that is not in use?
Would I kill the foxweb channel? Yes, I have the system set to restart channels.

Thanks in advance

Jerry Mattox