Date:  12/13/2008 11:35:34 AM Msg ID:  003871
From:  Gabriel Badea Thread:  003871
Subject:  WEB Services with FoxWeb

I have written a homegrown version of a web service using FoxWeb. 

I use a normal query string (i.e. http://.../ws.fwx?service=someservice&function=somefunction&appkey=ABCD-12345678-FDB7&param1=...  well... you get the idea) to run some process defined by the querystring field/value pairs and return an XML response (i.e. Response.ContentType = "text/xml").   There is a severe limitation to this way of doing things if the querystring is long and exceeds the maximum length for a query string (some say 2048 bytes others 4096 etc...)

1. How would I go about sending an xml string using the POST method?

2. I noticed that once in a while one or more channels die and do not get restarted (i.e. if I check show_channels.fwx I'll only see channels 1-3, 5-7 and 9-10).  Waiting for them to restart didn't help as I .  It happens only occasionnally and I have to restart Foxweb to fix the problem.  I'm running version 3.51 as a service with 10 channels.