Date:  02/14/2009 11:32:23 AM Msg ID:  003916
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003913
Subject:  Re: Error messages
There's no UI for this, but you can set the content of these errors by adding a registry entry, named "StubError", in the FoxWeb key. This entry can even containthe string "%error%" which will get substituted by the original message. Additionally, if you create a "StubErrorStatus500" registry entry (string) and set it to "1", these errors will be returned with a 500 HTTP status code, instead of 200:
hkey_local_machine\software\Aegis Group\FoxWeb\CurrentVersion\
StubError = "<html><head><title>Server Error</title></head><body>Sorry, but the server encountered a problem:<br>%error%<br>If this error persists, please contact the administrator.</body></html>"
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Sent by James Williams on 02/14/2009 02:18:49 AM:
I need to be able to record foxweb time outs and no channels active messages just like the normal error handler does. Or at least be able to change the page it goes to or change the content of the message displayed?