Date:  02/16/2009 04:41:15 AM Msg ID:  003919
From:  agsy Thread:  003909
Subject:  Re: FoxWeb and IIS in different servers?
Thanks so much for your reply and sorry I haven't responded as quickly as I can. Yes it is for security reason the Guys from our I.T. department was asking me if I could setup our website that uses FoxWeb to be run seperately with IIS.  I don't have any idea on how this could be achieved for Foxweb. If you have any idea or an alternative please do advise. Thanks!
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/12/2009 12:35:52 PM:
FoxWeb is a CGI/ISAPI application, so it must run on a computer that has a web server.
Why are you trying to separate FoxWeb from your web server? Is it for security reasons? Please describe what you are trying to achieve in a bit more detail.
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Sent by agsy on 02/11/2009 06:50:11 PM:
Not sure if this is being asked before or if this is possible if FoxWeb and IIS lives in different server? Example:
Server A - contains Foxwe 3 and all your html/fwx codes
Server B - contains your IIS