Date:  04/04/2009 03:02:08 AM Msg ID:  003937
From:  jc clerc Thread:  003937
Subject:  VFP .net ?
Dear foxweb team,
I don't get at all the .net idea ? What is the main concept behind that, is VFP .net product it seams that you can use VFP with visual studio, also what is the activevfp project is it competing with foxweb is that another tool ? I am using foxweb for years and it is extremmely stable, fast enough, and writing vfp code directly in the html pages (like asp or php) is as far as I know the right way. Can you please just give some input to understand the issues we are talking about, I write code to make a living not to chat about fancy terms during a meal ! Thank you again for foxweb.Knowing that VFP is not updated is already difficult and I reall can't get the same productivity with other solutions I tried.