Date:  04/22/2009 04:35:11 AM Msg ID:  003948
From:  eliot gonsalves Thread:  003948
Subject:  setup queries for a newbie
 I have just purchased foxweb, and I have a few doubts and problems that I have encountered when trying to load my web pages on my web server.

1.  Is it necessary that I should have a unique IP address to run my website on the web server?
2.  If it is necessary, and I get a unique IP address, and feed it into the Foxweb control center (just to test on a temporary site that I have)... when I finally decide to upload the tested website on a new website, will I be able to change the IP address on the control panel so that I can load the site on a new web server IP address. (I have a license for one server)
3.  Is it necessary to upload both fwx and fxp files on the web server to run properly.
4.  Will my site run on a Debian/Linux web server?
5.  In the documentation, you mention that I would have to install foxweb on the web server.  How is this possible with shared hosting solutions?  What are the parameters to be met by the web server in the case of shared hosting solutions?