Date:  04/27/2009 04:38:07 PM Msg ID:  003953
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003950
Subject:  Re: dtos(), ctod
Is your original value a date, or a string formatted as a date? If it's a date, then you only need DTOS(OriginalValue). If it's a string, then your code should work. Make sure that your computer is set to recognize "30/04/2009" as a date. My computer is set for US dates, so I would have to enter:
? DTOS(CTOD("04/30/2009"))
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Sent by fabiojdc on 04/24/2009 04:33:59 AM:
good day, I'm with a date field that is as follows ex. 30/04/2009 I am trying to transform it into a string using 20090430 as follows dtos (ctod (minha_data)), but when I try to transform it so my variable is empty, someone could help me with this encoding.