Date:  05/16/2009 01:26:18 PM Msg ID:  003973
From:  Bob Louder Thread:  003971
Subject:  Re: Authentication Window

Thank you for your quick response.  I found my problem.  Apparently the CGI folder not only had to have the Read and Execute Permissions for the Anonymous Account (IUSR_domainname) but also for the Work Process Account (IWPD_domainname). 



Bob Louder

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 05/16/2009 10:51:42 AM:
  • Are you using script-mapped URLs, or are you referencing foxweb.dll in the URL? Please post a URL that is not working (you may obfuscate the server name if you want).
  • Are your html and fwx files in the same physical folder?
  • Do you have the  "Use Web Server's Directory Mappings" configuration option enabled?
  • If you are using script-mapped URLs and you have not enabled the "Use Web Server's Directory Mappings" option, you should verify that the "Check that File Exists" option is not enabled in the script mapping configuration. For details refer to the Configuring your Web Server topic for details on this.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Bob Louder on 05/16/2009 08:16:19 AM:
Moving to a New Server and setting up Foxweb.  The server is a W2k3 SP2 running Plesk 9.2.1 with the OS on C and everthingelse on D.  Loaded Foxweb to D: and setup everything like the old server, but this time I told the server to use the DLL instead of loading VFP.  Now when I go to the directory with the code, the html works fine, but when the fxp is callled, I get the authentication window.  Ok, it must be permissions - but I have set my d:\program files\foxweb\cgi directory permissions to allow IUSR_Computername to read & execute.  Also, since I am using a dedicated pool, I have also given IUSR_domainname the same permissions.  But I still get the window.  Are there permission I need to set for the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP directory?  I have checked the IIS configuration with the default domain set for scripts only and the ISAPI entries for fwx and fxp are installed.  Any ideas on this would be a big help.  I have looked through the logs - anyone know of a way to trace the error?