Date:  06/26/2009 10:40:34 AM Msg ID:  003983
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  003982
Subject:  Re: How to reload one page from another.
Do a web search for "refresh opener window". Here are a couple of links:
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Sent by George Gambill on 06/26/2009 09:25:10 AM:

Page1 loads page2 with a"Page2.fwx”).

Page 2 allows changes and provides a save button. When pressed the new data is saved and Page2 closes with a combination:

m.btnUpdate = request.querystring("btnUpdate")

if m.btnUpdate = 'Update'

Saves the data here before building the HTML

m.FormBODY = "<BODY onLoad='window.close()'>"


m.FormBODY = '<BODY>'



<FORM id=Form1 name=Form1 action=Page2.fwx method=Get>



<INPUT id=btnUpdate type=submit value=Update name=btnUpdate>

The closing of Page2 works well without a “do you really want to do this” warning. But, when returned to page1 the old unchanged data stills displays until Page1 is reloaded.

Is there a way in Page2 to force a reload on Page1 before the actually close of Page2 (that is the <BODY onLoad='window.close()'>)?