Date:  08/04/2009 10:28:37 AM Msg ID:  003994
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  003994
Subject:  Can FoxWeb support this load??
I am currently running FoxWeb for a client, and I love it.

I have a potential client that has the following, and i wanted to make sure that FoxWeb can scale to this requirements:

1- 300 locations. (currently, they only have 120, but, they are expanding in the next 6months to a year)..
2- 3 pcs per locations. (usually 1 or 2 though), xp or vista's.
3- 1 robust win2k3, running IIS server and running FoxWeb Server at corp
4- 1 robust sql server, strictly for MS SQL 2005

One PC from each location will transmit a small XML file (for data sync) which contains the transactions made or contains records that needs to be sync'd with the corp server.

on the server side, i consume the xml via foxweb, xml2cursor() the file, and have a func to put it in sql..

an example of the xml file:

5 sales records (about 50 fields each)
1 inventory record (about 30 fields)
1 additional inv record (serial inventory, about 15 fields)
1 customer record records (name, address, etc..)
1 other transaction record (payment record).

Interval of update is about 5 to 10 min per location..

again, only 1 PC is going to connect, do a post with the xml file..

i will have another small app that monitors the local dbf, gathers the records that aren't udpated (maybe a flag), gather them to xml, post, record in the dbf the timedate() when synch, and set the flag that it was synch.

if there aren't any records to be sync, it won't hit the server.