Date:  08/12/2009 06:39:13 AM Msg ID:  004000
From:  Jerry Mattox Thread:  004000
Subject:  Concerns, and moving from vfp6 to vfp9

Dear Support:

Here are the two things I have noticed with FoxWeb: Should I be concerned or adjust anything. We are using the latest version of foxweb, and running as a service. IIS6

 1.      For some time now if you start the FoxWeb Control Center the button on the bottom right that used to say “Start FoxWeb” if it was not running and “Stop FoxWeb” if it was running has stopped working properly.  Now it doesn’t matter if FoxWeb is running or not it always says “Start FoxWeb”.  It was doing this before we switched to VFP 9.  So now the only way you can Stop FoxWeb is from the Microsoft Services Console.  Once you Stop it you can restart FoxWeb from the Control Center but you cannot “Stop” it from it .2.      This morning when we changed from using VFP 6 to VFP 9 I noticed on the License Page of the Control Center is says “VFP Version: 6”  Should that have changed to “VFP Version: 9” since we recompiled all of our programs after we switched to using VFP 9 with FoxWeb?

Thanks in advance

Jerry Mattox
Genesis Consulting