Date:  08/22/2009 03:20:08 PM Msg ID:  004004
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004003
Subject:  Re: Editing a .fwx file
Most users tend to use text editors, rather than wysiwyg editors, but there are some postings on this forum that could point you in the right direction. Just search the forum for "dreamweaver" and "frontpage".
Note that fwx files are not regular html files, so they may not work too well with wysiwyg editors,due to the extra code in them.
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Sent by tacbob on 08/22/2009 02:39:51 PM:
 I have been given a.fwx file to edit. I normally work with Dreamweaver but when I open it in this programme, the formatting isall over the place and I am prevented from clicking in images and swf files. What can I do to edit this?