Date:  08/28/2009 07:59:36 AM Msg ID:  004007
From:  irace_z28 Thread:  004005
Subject:  Re: Encrypting Query String
Thanks for clearing that up.
Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to achieve similar results?
I'm trying to create a "signup" form and then send the data to another page.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 08/27/2009 01:55:11 PM:
There is no way to achieve what you are asking for. Form data is submitted by browsers and FoxWeb has no control over it. By definition, GET data is included in the URL in clear text.
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Sent by irace_z28 on 08/27/2009 01:38:47 PM:
I have a form where the method attribute is set to 'get'.
When the form is submitted, I don't want user's to be able to see the variables being passed in the URL and need help hiding/encrypting it. 
I see where foxweb has the object "Server.HashMD5(cTextString)" but I don't know to apply that to the query string when the form is submitted.  
Please help.