Date:  08/29/2009 03:23:43 PM Msg ID:  004009
From:  Steve G Thread:  004009
Subject:  Every week or sometimes every two weeks.
 I have been running foxweb 4.3 for quite some time now and I've noticed a couple of issues.
Maybe somebody has experienced some of them and knows how to fix it?
First, I was running into where the entire service would crash and hang when there were errors. I was told and have read online that foxweb is supposed to just reset the channel on an error and business is as usual. Well I didn't know that at first, so I fixed the problem with the errors (It was somebody else's program and they wrote it poorly). I have gone almost a month without anything in the error logs to point to me to a problem.
Second, since there are no recorded errors, what's still causing the service to hang up? It's done this twice in the past two weeks. Nothing shows up even in the server event logs anywhere to suggest that something is goofy is going on, or that something has even crashed. Also, like I said, the error logs in foxweb are clean. Everything points to nothing is happening.
Could this be some type of hack attempt that crashes foxweb?
We get sql hack attempts, which don't do a thing but throw up a sql crash report.
I also checked that maybe since the last reboot foxweb never started up, so I did a reboot of the server and when it came back up, everything worked fine including sql, iis, foxweb, php, asp, etc.
Just to give you some background on the server:
2 quad core xenon processors, I think they're 2.5ghz or 2.6ghz, 4 gigs of ram, on a real 1gps/1gps switch, and at a real data center with several 10gps connections. I've obviously ruled out bandwidth or processing power. Oh, and we have over 100 gigs free of hard disk space on the OS drive, so it's not some temp file out of space issue, which would probably throw up an error message. I'm just not getting anything that points me to a problem.