Date:  09/07/2009 11:59:01 AM Msg ID:  004017
From:  Gregg Barfield Thread:  004017
Subject:  Make \"on error\" routine in Fwenter?
Now that my site is getting used much more, I am constantly having errors related to "file is in use by another user".   I have tried everything known (at least by all the foxpro 'gurus' out there).   One suggestion, which makes sense, is to make an "on error" routine like this:

On Error Do ErrorScreen



Do Case

Case tnError = 108 Declare Integer Sleep in WIN32API Integer milliseconds Sleep(500+rand()*2000) Retry



I tried putting this in fwenter and I still am getting the errors.   Do you think this will work, and if not, what else can I try?