Date:  09/07/2009 12:27:17 PM Msg ID:  004018
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004017
Subject:  Re: Make \"on error\" routine in Fwenter?
FoxWeb's default error handler already includes code to allow retries for 4 seconds in the case of error 108. It is strongly discouraged to override the default error handler, because it can affect the stability of your channels.
I'm afraid that your only option is to find the script(s) that lock the table(s) in question and correct the problem. Each FoxWeb channel is equivalent to a separate instance of VFP accessing the same tables from networked computers, so your scripts must use sound multi-user techniques. The VFP documentation contains a lot of information on this topic.
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Sent by Gregg Barfield on 09/07/2009 11:59:01 AM:
Now that my site is getting used much more, I am constantly having errors related to "file is in use by another user".   I have tried everything known (at least by all the foxpro 'gurus' out there).   One suggestion, which makes sense, is to make an "on error" routine like this:

On Error Do ErrorScreen



Do Case

Case tnError = 108 Declare Integer Sleep in WIN32API Integer milliseconds Sleep(500+rand()*2000) Retry



I tried putting this in fwenter and I still am getting the errors.   Do you think this will work, and if not, what else can I try?