Date:  09/15/2009 08:32:18 AM Msg ID:  004029
From:  Joe Goldsmiith Thread:  004029
Subject:  Looking forward...
 Hello. I have been a user of FoxWeb fairly much since it's inception and have nothing but the best of performance with it. Thanks to all at FoxWeb.
I have noticed that there has not been a new release in over a year that is a bit unusual for any, or most, software products. Does this mean there is something on the drawing board or can it just not get any better? I have written a number of sites with it to hand coding my own shopping cart (no, it's not for sale as it's tightly integrated into my sites.).
Lastly, for a few years there has been some on and off discussion about selling the code to this forum. Might this be possible or is it just something I can only enjoy when I visit the forum here. Please feel free to contact me at my email address if you wish to discuss this.
Your response is appreciated.
Joe Goldsmith