Date:  11/07/2009 09:06:21 AM Msg ID:  004050
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004050
Subject:  procedure not releasing in fw_exit
1 Server License
Win 2k3 running IIS
Foxweb 4.3
Foxweb running as Service (DLL)

only things unchecked in the configuration of FoxWeb are:
- Full paths in URLs (not checked)
- Keep PRG files (not checked)

in my fw_enter.prg
set procedure to (gcServerPath+"EzCellERP\Prg\EzCellClass") additive
public oPortal

oPortal = createobject("EzCellBizObj")

in my fw_exit.prg:
Set procedure to
set classlib to
release oPortal

However, when i modify EzCellClass.prg and i try to compile it, it wont let me unless i stop foxweb, compile, then, restart foxweb...

its a pain to do that..

what am i doing wrong?