Date:  11/21/2009 05:40:53 AM Msg ID:  004060
From:  Ali Koumaiha Thread:  004060
Subject:  I am building a Foxweb forum
I am building a forum (similar to the php forums), but, in foxweb, and the data is purely vfp back-end.

i am building it for to integrate in my Portal.

it will be:
 - mostly built in classes (prg classes)
 - Purely FoxWeb scripts 
 - Will have WYSIWYG editor for posting threads
 - Will support file attachement for download.
 - Will be integrated with Auth object for posting/viewing threads
 - Will have search capabilites
 - Will have lots of bugs in the initial release :)
 - First release won't be too graphically nice.. but, i am sure, a template of design will follow in next release.

would anyone be intrested in the source code and the whole project?

if so, we can collaborate on this forum...

Let me know, and i will post the project/zip file here as i am doing progress with it, and would love to share it if someone is willing to give tips/help etc.. especially in the design of the system..

I am starting this project in the next couple of weeks.  i have the tables laid oud already....

unless someone already started this project ....