Date:  02/01/2010 03:04:47 AM Msg ID:  004114
From:  Jasper de Graaf Thread:  004111
Subject:  Re: Script takes time - progress bar?
What I like to do on long scripts is to let the user know the script is running. This way the user knows it is running and there is no error in locating the script.

This is how I solved it:

Response.Write([<span id="patience"><br/>Please be patient...<br/>Querying data</span>])


<here comes the time consuming query work>

Response.Write([<style>#patience {display:none;}</style>])

The script presents the Patience span to the browser and by using the Flush() method the Patience text is displayed even before the querying will take place.
After running the query we just print some inline CSS style which will hide the Patience message.

Good luck!



Sent by Gregg Barfield on 01/20/2010 10:04:19 PM:
I have seen old posts that say progress bars are not possible while "long" scripts are running but they were for older versions of Foxpro.  Is it possible now?    I have a script that is taking about 5 minutes to calculate all the variables and the user justs sees a blank screen - probably thinks the program crashed.

Any help would be apprecitated.   Thanks.