Date:  02/26/2010 02:35:39 PM Msg ID:  004133
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004126
Subject:  Re: Problem with version 3.6
I can guarantee that the location of fwstart.log has nothing to do with whether channels are initializing properly. Please provide some additional information about your situation:
Operating system and any service packs
Hardware (CPU, RAM)
VFP version and whether you are using the run-time DLL
Running FoxWeb as a service?
How many channels have you configured?
Please start the Windows Task Manager (or preferably Process Explorer). Look in the processes pane for instances of VFP. How many do you see? Do they correspond with the number of channels that show in show_channels.fwx, or with the total number of channels you configured in the FoxWeb Control Center? What happens if you kill the channels that failed to register? You can identify channels in Process Explorer by opening the Properties window for each VFP process and looking in the Command Line field of the Image tab.
Have you observed this problem on more than one server? Please try temporarily running FoxWeb as a regular application, instead of as a service. Do you see any errors? (I don't expect any). Do channels initialize better? (they shouldn't, but we have had a couple of reports of this happening).
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Sent by James Williams on 02/25/2010 05:35:09 PM:
Also because of this bug I think that the channels are not restarting or allocating correctly as I am seeing strange things in viewing channels eg missing channels, 10 channels showing but with 5 pending scripts with most of the channels showing as waiting and that they have not been used for hours or days. I have to restart foxweb to get things back on track?
Seeing that you created this bug in 3.6 I think that you should fix it and not force people to pay to upgrade to version 4.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/25/2010 01:50:46 PM:
As it turns out, version 3.6 contains some components that were originally written for FoxWeb 4 (3.6 was an bug fix update to version 3.51, released after the initial release of version 4). This resulted in an issue, where some 3.6 components write to a copy of fwstart.log in Program Files, while others write to a different copy, in the common application data folder.
This is obviously a bug, but not a critical one, so we do not intend to issue a patch for version 3. FoxWeb 4 does not suffer from this bug.
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Sent by James Williams on 02/25/2010 05:05:02 AM:
No version 4 has never been installed on this server. 

I have the same problem on all servers running 3.6 and version 4 has not been installed on any of them.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/24/2010 03:11:10 PM:
Did you happen to have FoxWeb 4 installed on this server in the past? Could it be that there are mismatched components, belonging to multiple FoxWeb versions?
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Sent by James Williams on 02/23/2010 06:58:04 AM:
Since patching to 3.6 I have the following problems.

1. The fwstart.log file has changed from the root of foxweb to the user appdata folder (as version 4) but when you click view fwstart.log from within fwadmin it still brings up the fwstart.log from the foxweb root (wrong log file).

2. Also within the fwstart.log file it is no longer showing the killed script.
02/22/2010 12:08:33 Killed Channel 8:
02/22/2010 12:08:44 Restarting Channel 8
02/22/2010 15:57:02 Killed Channel 8:
02/22/2010 15:57:05 Restarting Channel 8
02/22/2010 15:57:35 Restarting Channel 8
02/22/2010 16:48:13 Closing FoxWeb
02/22/2010 16:48:30 Starting FoxWeb
02/22/2010 16:49:01 Restarting Channel 3
02/22/2010 16:49:01 Restarting Channel 4
02/22/2010 18:38:23 Killed Channel 1:
02/22/2010 18:38:30 Killed Channel 2:
02/22/2010 18:38:31 Restarting Channel 1
02/22/2010 18:38:31 Restarting Channel 2
02/22/2010 18:39:01 Restarting Channel 1
02/22/2010 18:39:01 Restarting Channel 2
02/22/2010 21:14:04 Killed Channel 5:
02/22/2010 21:14:07 Restarting Channel 5
02/22/2010 21:14:37 Restarting Channel 5
02/22/2010 21:46:38 Killed Channel 6:
02/22/2010 21:46:41 Restarting Channel 6
02/22/2010 21:47:11 Restarting Channel 6
02/23/2010 02:04:16 Killed Channel 7:
02/23/2010 02:04:19 Restarting Channel 7
02/23/2010 02:04:49 Restarting Channel 7