Date:  03/30/2010 04:26:04 PM Msg ID:  004148
From:  hankbrant Thread:  004148
Subject:  Cookie Passing

Ok, I'm probably being stupid, but... I'm trying to pass cookie values between web pages. On each page I have a pull down <select> that when changed I want to set the value chosen to a cookie. Easy to do as I have a javascript that sets the cookie with a call from the <option>s onChange() property.  The viewer then makes a choice or two from a menu and proceeds to the next page.

Setting the cookie appears to be working as I can, from that page, call another javascript to go get the cookie and display the value.

The next page being called is generated from a FWX, and within that script I cannot get the request.getcookie() to come back with the value stored by the javascript on the previous page. When I cause the new FWX to fail, and look at the error information the HTTP_COOKIE value doesn't contain the cookie set by the java script. m.COOKIEVALUE = request.getcookie("name") comes back empty.

When creating the cookie I'm setting the domain to "/" and the expire to 5 days from now. Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated! I seem to be just spinning my wheels...