Date:  04/06/2010 05:44:06 PM Msg ID:  004157
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004156
Subject:  Re: linking to a script and passing form val
It's not clear from your message, but it seems like you are trying to dynamically create these URLs in client-side Javascript. Is this true?
If this is the case, the URLs should not include the names of the properties, but their values. You will need to use string manipulation operators and functions to achieve this:
LinkText = "<a href=\"newscript.fwx?startdate=" + document.ReqData.StartDate.value + "&compdate=" + document.ReqData.CompDate.value + "\">Check Dates</a>";
Note the use of escape characters to allow the inclusion of double quotes in the URL string. Also, be careful with your use of double vs single quotes. The code in your message used a double opening quote, but a single closing quote. HTML links require double quotes.
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Sent by Jeff Grippe on 04/06/2010 09:52:20 AM:
 I need to link to a FoxWeb script and pass some form variables. I'm not sure of exactly what to use. Would I use the document model? What would be the syntax?
For example, I have the follwoing (using the document model)
I need to hand these off to a script using the ? operator. Would this be something like
 <a href="newscript.fwx?startdate=document.ReqData.StartDate.value&compdate=document.ReqData.CompDate.value'>Check Dates</a>