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Subject:  Re: Cookie Passing
Thought I understood ur reply, but...
I'm using a javascript function to set the cookie on the page, and the page is in, lets say. The foxweb script that is attempting to access the cookie to determine the cookie's value to establish the variable content necessary to generate the next page is in I reference scripts in my base level domain from a number of different sites. Have I finally hit the one thing I can't do that way? To do this successfully do I need to have another virtual server specifically for this new domain so that the server names will match because I'll call the script in, the same location as the page, instead of calling the script in from the page in
Thanks in advance.
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Does the cookie appear in your browser's cookie list? Each browser provides access to the list a little differently. For Firefox you would need to go to Options > Privacy > Show Cookies. Make sure that the server name in the URL used to access the page with the Javascript code is identical with the server name in the URL used to access the page that reads the cookie. The string must be identical (even in terms of capitalization).
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Ok, I'm probably being stupid, but... I'm trying to pass cookie values between web pages. On each page I have a pull down <select> that when changed I want to set the value chosen to a cookie. Easy to do as I have a javascript that sets the cookie with a call from the <option>s onChange() property.  The viewer then makes a choice or two from a menu and proceeds to the next page.

Setting the cookie appears to be working as I can, from that page, call another javascript to go get the cookie and display the value.

The next page being called is generated from a FWX, and within that script I cannot get the request.getcookie() to come back with the value stored by the javascript on the previous page. When I cause the new FWX to fail, and look at the error information the HTTP_COOKIE value doesn't contain the cookie set by the java script. m.COOKIEVALUE = request.getcookie("name") comes back empty.

When creating the cookie I'm setting the domain to "/" and the expire to 5 days from now. Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated! I seem to be just spinning my wheels...