Date:  06/16/2010 12:53:58 PM Msg ID:  004176
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004175
Subject:  Re: Server problems with Foxweb.
Did you examine the contents of fwstart.log? Is there anything interesting in there? You may want to post the relevant entries, or send us a copy of the file via email.
Also, what are you using as the logon user for the service? Please try System, as well as the same account that works if you log in and run FoxWeb interactively.
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Jerry Mattox on 06/16/2010 08:56:51 AM:
We are running Windows Server 2003 R2 with IIS6 and FoxWeb is running using VFP9 SP2.   If you try to run FoxWeb as a Service the Channels will never Start up.  They try to but in a few minutes they try again, and they keep trying but seem to never complete.  However, they do seem to start instances of FoxPro and after a while it eats up all of the resources of the computer and the Server will just crash.  If you watch Task Manager you will see every few minutes two more instances of FoxPro running so pretty soon you have a way to many running. Since I cannot run it as a Service I have to RDP in using my account then start it and then exit out of the RDP window to keep it running.  I have verified that this does start up the 2 channels I have allocated and it runs fine just not if I click on the checkbox run as a Service.  I did search the FoxWeb Forum already and found some reference to another problem someone had with Windows Server 2003 R2 but it wasn’t exactly the same problem.  I did turn off Reporting to Microsoft as he suggested in that guys problem but that did nothing.

Please help!

Jerry Mattox
Genesis Consulting