Date:  07/14/2010 08:58:13 PM Msg ID:  004187
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004186
Subject:  Re: Build FoxWeb files
Hi David,
1. FoxWeb can execute FoxWeb-specific fwx files, or plain-old prg files. In reality, fwx files are converted to prg files, so you are always running prg files, but this is transparent. You can edit  fwx and prg files with a simple text editor. Alternatively, you can use VFP's editor, or, for fwx files, it may be easier for you to use an editor that supports asp scripts (the fwx delimiters are identical to the ones used by asp scripts). If you do a search on this forum, you will find some discussion about editors.
2. FoxWeb can use the regular VFP software to compile and execute fwx and prg scripts. If you do not own VFP, or you don't want to install it on your server, you can configure FoxWeb to use the included VFP Run-Time DLL. For details, please refer to the Use Run-Time DLL section in the Configuring FoxWeb page in the documentation (
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Sent by David Gerardo on 07/14/2010 08:26:04 PM:
Hi FoxWeb team,

I'm starting with FoxWeb and i have the questions below:

1.- I´m starting with FoxWeb and i wonder How can i build all my FoxWeb files?

2.- if i have a prg file does is necessary to compile it on visual foxpro?

Thanks in advance