Date:  11/22/2010 03:38:53 PM Msg ID:  004224
From:  Gabriel Badea Thread:  004219
Subject:  Re: Channels are not restarting
Followed your advice and stepped down from 20 to 10 channels... same problem.  Some channels would die and never wake up again.
Stopped Foxweb and reconfigured to run NOT as service... everything fell into place... I then realized that it was running with my credentials and permissions (administrator) so I stopped foxweb... reconfigured to run as service, reconfigured service to run with my credentials an restarted... one channel died right off the bat... hmmm, stopped foxweb and checked task manager... wouldn't you know it... I has a process (vfp9) running with the old foxweb service credentials.  I then rebooted the server (yes I could just kill the process... but just to be sure I rebooted)... and BINGO all channels are visible... and everything is working perfectly.
Conclusion:  Although I read in this forum that foxweb does not require admin privileges when running as a service, it certainly looks that things are easier if the service account has admin rights.  I suspect that if the service account does not have admin rights you'd have to configure permissions correctly and it would do just as well.
Anyways, I've been running Foxweb 3.6 on Server 2003 R2 x64 with SQLServer 2008 x64 for almost a year now and it is very stable in my opinion... I just wish I was able to turn on http compression for fwx files...if you have any advice on this matter please let me know. 
Last words: as you may suspect... to run Foxweb on Server 2003 R2 x64 you have to revert to 32 bit IIS and ISAPI modules.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/20/2010 02:22:20 PM:
FoxWeb has not been tested extensively and is not supported on 64-bit Windows. I don't know if the fact that you are running on Windows 2003 x64 is related to the problem, but it's a possibility. 
Also, 20 channels seems too high. You should probably not be running this many channels, unless your server has at least 8 cores. You will get better overall performance with request queuing, than with too many channels serving requests at the same time.
Have you checked fwstart.log? There may be helpful information in there. Also, I would temporarily stop running FoxWeb as a service, which will allow you to visually inspect channels. This may reveal issues that for some reason do not get logged. 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Gabriel Badea on 11/20/2010 07:46:02 AM:

I'm running foxweb 3.6
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64
20 channels
VFP9 installed (not running DLL)
Running as service
30 seconds timeout
No session support

I've been having trouble with channels not restarting for a little while now. 

I'm pretty sure that these unresponsive channels have never been hit (chanel 19 and 20 in this particular case)

After reconfiguration of channels (from 10 to 20) I rebooted the server. 
FWStart.log says that as soon as the server restarted foxweb these channels were unresponsive, it's been trying to restart these channels every 30 seconds ( as per timeout setting) with no success.
There is no trace in the Windows event log.

Please advise...