Date:  03/22/2011 04:36:25 PM Msg ID:  004251
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004250
Subject:  Re: Issues with old passcook.prg
Please post (or email) the contents of fw_enter.prg. Also, provide us with the code that enforces authentication in a typical protected program. 
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Sent by jweesies on 03/22/2011 04:29:56 PM:
We have an older Foxweb application running under version 2.6.  The app is built under the 1.x style with procedures within a prg and using html_out to return html.  The app uses the passcook.prg program to control user authentication and runs without issue.
We recently installed the newer version, 4.3, on a new PC.  I copied the app and passcook.prg from the old PC to the Foxweb folder of the new PC and it would run fine, except some procedures would error out with an oPass object not found error (most run fine).  I then copied fw_enter.prg to the Foxweb folder from the old server to the new server and now every page pops up the authentication page upon submit, as if it is losing the cookie.  oPass.IdleTime is set to 3600 seconds.
Please advise.