Date:  03/26/2011 08:46:06 AM Msg ID:  004258
From:  Carlos Fuertes Thread:  004258
Subject:  Selecting several records in a grid
 I need to select different records in a cursor using a check box (like you do in fwadmin.fwx). For example, I have a cursor with the following fields:
Parte_num n(10,0)
Averia c(100)
Trabajo c(100) 
Firmado l
Conform c(50)
The 3 firts fields have information and the two last fields need to be filled. 
What I want is to show in the browser a grid showing data in the 3 first fields (Parte_num,Averia,Trabajo), and a check box and a text box ready to get information for the other two (Firmado and Conform).
Could you, please, send me a piece of code showing how to do this?
Thankyou very much in advance