Date:  05/02/2011 09:39:16 PM Msg ID:  004278
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004277
Subject:  Re: Number of current active users?
If by "concurrent users" you are referring to the total number distinct browsers that have accessed at least one FoxWeb page in the past 25 minutes, then, yes, the session table is probably the best way to get this info.
None of the other built-in facilities will help you, but you could add your own logging mechanism in fw_enter.prg. This could be safer, because you could filter out search engine crawlers and other similar noise.
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Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 05/02/2011 08:04:02 PM:
I am wondering if accessing the _fwsession table and getting all the records where the LastHit in the last 25 minutes would give me the desired results.

something like this:

Select Count(*)  as CurrentUserCnt ;
  From _fwSession ;
  where (Datetime() - LastHit) / 60 ) <= 25 ;
 into cursor _curCurrentHits

lnUserCount = nvl(_curCurrentHits.CurrentUserCnt,0)

use in select('_curCurrentHits')

Or is there a method in the Auth class that does that? or any other class in FoxWeb?