Date:  07/27/2011 05:06:04 PM Msg ID:  004309
From:  rbeck Thread:  004307
Subject:  Re: renaming foxweb.exe
I'm using v4.3 on the existing server, and v4.5 on the new server.
I have a scripts directory with Scripts and Executables permission set.
Both servers are running Windows Server 2003.
foxweb.exe and z.exe are in the same directory on the server.
Somewhere foxweb.exe is recognized by IIS or the server as an allowable program, but I can't get any other filename to execute.  So in another words, the server likes the filename "foxweb.exe".  Anything else, it rejects and I get a 404 error in my browser.
As a test, I renamed foxweb.exe to foxweb_old.exe, then copied foxweb_old.exe to foxweb.exe.  Calling the "new" foxweb.exe works fine, but foxweb_old.exe returns the 404 error.
-- Rich 
Sent by Ali Koumaiha on 07/27/2011 04:55:22 PM:
what version of FoxWeb are you using?

besides, how is your script mapping?

most likely you do not need to specify that.

have you tried:


Sent by rbeck on 07/27/2011 03:59:25 PM:
 We've been using FoxWeb for years.  I copied foxweb.exe file to z.exe.  This has worked fine on our current webserver.  We are currently setting up a new webserver, and now when I try to copy the .exe to what I want, I get a 404 error in my browser.
works fine, but
Returns a 404 error.
I cannot remember if I had to do anything special to get the renamed .exe file to work on the current server.

Any insight?
-- Rich