Date:  09/12/2011 11:45:50 AM Msg ID:  004329
From:  Jeff Grippe Thread:  004329
Subject:  FW channel crashing script
I have one script (out of hundreds) that seems to periodically crash FW. The script works most of the time but sometimes it locks up all the channels and requires me to restart FW. As soon as I restart FW, it works fine again.
As scripts go, it is one of the simpler ones. It contains two SQL queries and a loop that displays the results in a table.
My two question are:
1. Can you suggest debugging techniques to find it. I realize that intermittent problems are the hardest to find since most of the time, the script works just fine.
2. We are currently on FW 3.0 and VFP 7. Would you recommend and upgrade to  FW 4.5 and VFP 9.0? Other than some queries which will need SET ENGINEBEHAVIOR 70, are there other problems that we can anticipate?