Date:  09/30/2011 05:08:32 PM Msg ID:  004351
From:  FoxWeb Support Thread:  004350
Subject:  Re: FoxWeb 4.5
FoxWeb automatically configures script mapping of the .fwx extension on IIS, but does not configure IIS for direct calling of foxweb.exe or foxweb.dll. This is not an issue with most installs, because script-mapped URLs have been recommended for over 10 years.
To get your URLs to work, you need to configure IIS for direct calls to foxweb.exe. For this you will need to create a cgi-bin virtual directory in your site and enable the CGI-exe handler mapping in it. 
Even thought the above configuration step is pretty easy, my recommendation would be to modify your scripts, so that they use relative, script-mapped URLs. For example, let's say that one of your scripts contains a link with an absolute URL, pointing directly to foxweb.exe:
<a href="/cgi-bin/foxweb.exe/myprog?var=value">Go</a>
You would have to replace the above with the following relative script-mapped URL (relative means no slash in the beginning):
<a href="myprog.fwx?var=value">Go</a>
This has two major benefits:
  • The URL does not force the use of foxweb.exe (which is not recommended anyway) or foxweb.dll. You can change from CGI to ISAPI at any time, by simply changing the script mapping configuration.
  • The URL is relative, meaning that you can change the depth of your FoxWeb application, relative to the FoxWeb program root, without having to modify the application itself. Suppose that you have an application located in your server's FoxWeb Program Root and now you want to add a second application. At that point, you would have to move all the files for app1 to an app1 sub-folder, and copy the new files to an app2 sub-folder. You would also have to modify all app1 links, so that they look like this: /cgi-bin/foxweb.exe/app1/myprog. By contrast, if you had been using relative URLs, then you would not need to modify the URLs at all. It would just work!
You can simply search for all instances of "foxweb.exe" in your programs and make the change. 
FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by Martin Martin on 09/30/2011 04:23:32 PM:
I try to setup a new server on Windows Server 2008. IIS 7.5
After download and configure FoxWeb 4.5 to run with  foxrpo 9 sp2

I copied all my program, including OLD program from Foxweb version 1.x

Lot of my call to foxpro program are done the old way :

but I get an error 404

When I call it like : http://localhost/myprog.fwx?var=value   then it works...

but... when I type :
http://localhost/cgi-bin/foxweb.exe    the browser want's to download foxweb and I can't find where and what's wrong with the config ?

Can you please help me to solve this one?